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From the lonesome highway.....

Four days after arriving home from my longest period of time away from home, some thoughts from the lonesome highway, (or what I did for the first ten days of March) ….

Sept./Oct. 2018 Newsletter

(Davey O. photo credit - Aaron Winters)
Welcome to the September/October 2018 edition of “O”vertones. It’s good to be back in touch with you. From observations during my walks around the ponds near my home, change is in the air.  I see it in the formation of the clouds, the absence of certain birds due to migration, I hear it in the breezes that rustle the drying leaves, and as the sun sets earlier and earlier, I see it in the shortening of these days. It won’t be long until my 6:30 am walks with our dog Addison are greeted with darkness, and a daily exchange of “good morning” with the high school students waiting for their bus on the corner across from our home. The start of football season, baseball playoffs, and hockey season are surely not far behind. Putting away patio furniture, and breaking out the clothing best suited for colder months will soon be inevitable in these parts…..

Contact - is anybody out there listening?

I willfully admit - over the last 7 years or so, I have been guilty of surrendering countless hours of valuable time that I will never get back, to the mind numbing addiction of social media. It is unfortunately - a necessary evil of what I do in my line of work as a touring songwriter. Having what is often referred to as a “web presence” is deemed as “important” to building one’s career, and fan base, so you go along, play the game,

April 2018 Newsletter


Welcome to the April 2018 edition of “O”vertones, and welcome to the new subscribers to the newsletter. No April Fools jokes here – just everything you need to know about my travels, musings, and all things Davey O.!!! 

March 2018 Newsletter!


Welcome to the March 2018 edition of “O”vertones, to all of the new subscribers to the newsletter, and to this new month, which has – at least in these parts – arrived like a proverbial lion in the form of a Noreaster snowstorm which dumped 8 inches and up, of heavy, wet snow in my region.

December "Year End" Newsletter

Welcome to the December, “year end” edition of “O”vertones for 2017!!!  It is with a grateful heart that I extend a sincere “THANK YOU” to everyone who helped to make 2017 a fantastic year, by supporting the new CD, “A Bright Horizon Line”, as well as all of my tour dates in the eight months since its release.

November 2017 Newsletter


Welcome to the November edition of “O”vertones!!!  Thank you to everyone who has supported the new CD, “A Bright Horizon Line”, as well as all of my tour dates in support of this release over the past 7 months. I am grateful for every opportunity, for every venue that has provided a stage, for every artist that has shared a billing with me - whether it was a co-bill, me opening for them, or them opening for me, it has been a year of great adventure, wonderful memories, friendships made, and renewed.

"O"vertones - November 2016 Newsletter


Hello once again as I welcome the new subscribers to “O”vertones, my monthly newsletter!!!  I also welcome the month of November, and the observance of Thanksgiving, as we find ourselves fully entrenched in the autumn season. October provided yet again, another great month of adventures for which I am truly grateful. It was definitely a month filled with more treats than tricks

The hardest part is worth it....

A couple of weeks back, as I prepared to leave for dates in NJ and WV, and I just finished putting my guitar, and overnight bag in my car, I walked back into the house from the garage

A Davey O. history lesson and advice to my younger self.....

Back in 1981, if someone had told my 18 year old, bass playing self that at the age of 34, I would put down the instrument that I picked up at age 13 and that I loved to play so much, in favor of becoming an acoustic guitar playing, harmonica-around-the-neck, gulp …. Folk singer/songwriter, I would have laughed them straight out of the room. 

Davey O. - February, 2015 Newsletter

Baby it’s cold outside -

Six more weeks of winter says the groundhog.  I think I have at LEAST six more weeks of touring in me, even if I have to deal with some of the harsh winter weather old Pete has predicted.

2014 - A year like no other.....

So, another year is coming to a close.  They say that time moves faster as you get older and boy, as I made it into my mid 40’s and now into my early 50’s I can attest that it sure does seem that way.  Weeks turn into months and as another summer draws to an end it seems like we just put out the patio furniture that we are once again prepping to store away for the winter.   

On turning 50 .......

So, I’m going to be 50 on Saturday, and last night at the Gurf Morlix show I had a chance to talk with several friends about what I’m doing now with my music.  Reflecting upon some of the conversation this morning, I know that being a touring folk singer songwriter at age 50 isn’t exactly the most rational lifestyle.

"O"vertones - The Monthly Davey O. Newsletter - September, 2013

"O"vertones - The Monthly Davey O. Newsletter - September 2013

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Hello again!!!!  Has it already been a month since the last Newsletter?  Labor Day is now behind us, some Fall like temperatures are in the air here in Buffalo, and I am already beginning to see small gatherings of fallen leaves on the ground.  I must admit, as much as I enjoy Summer in its all-too-brief visitation each year, Autumn is indeed my favorite time of year.  I love the chill of the morning, the changing colors, the occasional grey and overcast day….  And football (GO PACK GO!!!)

Where'd it go? The march of time.......

The Rolling Hands of Time…


It is hard to believe that it is the middle of August already.  August and feeling like late September with temps in the high 50’s upon daybreak, highs in the mid to high 60’s as I write this.  Where did the Summer go?  We are only about two weeks from Labor Day Weekend, the start of another school year, another season of football…

"O"vertones - The Monthly Davey O. Newsletter - August, 2013

Hello again and greetings to all as we watch this Summer quickly pass us by with the arrival of August!!!  Players have reported for NFL training camps, I’ve seen Fall and Halloween decorations are already out for sale in some stores and it won’t be long before we are again breaking out all of the colder weather clothing it seems we just put away not too long ago….  But let’s just live in the moment and enjoy what remains of Summer 2013!

They call me the working man......

"They call me the working man, I guess that's what I am."  Really simple lyrics from the song "Working Man" by Rush off of their self titled first album released 4 decades ago, which ring true for many a person to this day.  At this point you may be asking, "Where are you going with this and what does this have to do with your life as a songwriter?"  Well....

Cold, Hard Cash and the interpretation of song

I haven’t written a blog entry in a very long time and I’m thinking that perhaps it’s something I should do with some regularity.  It’s not only a really good way to communicate with the people who are fans of my music, but it’s just plain good to get out and off one’s chest, some of the things that are running around the old brain.

So - I was recently invited to participate in a Johnny Cash Birthday Tribute show, which will feature eight other acts.

On writing and recording a new CD

Over the last few months, my co-producer and accompanist

The Sentimental Nature of Music and the passage of time...

Music has this way - to be more specific, actually certain songs and albums (hey - that's what they called 'em when I was a kid) have this way of putting one in a sentimental spot.  I think most people of reasonable age can hear a certain song or put on a certain album and recal where they were and what they were doing the first time they heard it. 

Autumn Roads, random thoughts & truth.....

There's something I love about touring in the Autumn - something about driving on damp, crisp, windy days, watching the leaves dance across the highway.  To then arrive at the venue, shaking off the cold with a cup of coffee, a soundcheck, conversation with the venue staff, and the warm reception from the attending audience.  No two shows are ever the same - you can play the same list of songs in the same order night after night but each time the songs are played differently depending on so many factors - your energy level, the sound in the room...... but nonetheless, each time a song is performed it is it's own stand alone version.

Mileage, baggage, wear & tear

Sitting in a hotel room a few hours before a gig, I sometimes wonder how crazy or foolish I am to do what I do - to go out to different parts of the country and play my music for other people.  You, know, like "stop everything, because I've decided to invade you nice little town for one night".  It does take bravado and conviction to do this - maybe even a bit of arrogance.....   Without the backing of a record label, management, or a booking agent, I invest a lot of time, energy and money, not necessarily into a dream, but into a lifestyle; a lifestyle which often loses money as soon as I turn the car key to head off on these adventures.  But, I guess the reality of it is that I have been given a gift, be it from God, the universe, wherever - etc.... to write songs, and a drive to go out on the road to share and perform them.  Maybe the drive comes in part from trying to prove wrong, all the people who are and have been doubters and naysayers - the ones who always have some snarky way of giving you show biz advice, or ask you why you travel 1000 miles in a weekend to play for small, intimate audiences instead of trying to find a way to "make it", by going on one of the countless talent shows that permeate the airwaves, or move to L.A. - because in their mind anything else than being famous, and performing in front of thousands or the pursuit of fame is just dicking around , right??????  WRONG!!!!  The real pleasure derived from driving all of the boring, tiresome miles comes not only from the performances, but from the countless people I have met, the friends I have made, the experiences I have had, and the places I have seen - all because a big part of my life is engaged in the process of writing songs, recording them and instead of staying at home and watching the aforementioned talent shows, I have enough confidence in my songs and my abilities as a musician to actually get up off my ass and make the journey.  And at the end of the day - that is what matters the most.....  

When the winner of the next American Idol, X-Factor, or America's Got Talent loses their deal, the cameras are no longer pointed their way and they cannot deal with having to play at clubs or the occasional State Fair, because they're about to turn 30 and that was their last shot at "making it" - I'll be putting another 1000 miles or more on my Subaru some weekend, with my songs, a box full of CD's and a Gibson guitar.  See you there  :)

***DAVEY O. - March 2011 Newsletter***

***DAVEY O. - March 2011 Newletter***


New website -

Over the last couple of weeks, myself along with Jeffrey Mikulski, have built a new "official" Davey O. website.  The URL is much shorter, the pages much brighter and easier to navigate.  Please bookmark this new website in your browser -  I am still deciding whether or not to continue using My Space, since it has become a nightmare to edit and the layouts are now all askew.


Back from Folk Alliance Conference -

On February 18th we traveled down to Memphis, TN to attend our first ever Folk Alliance Conference.  I could go on and on about it, but my thoughts about the whole experience are here -

House Concerts -

A really great thing that has been happening for artists like myself over the past several years has been the growth of house concerts.  These are...

2011 Folk Alliance Conference

Welcome to my first "official" blog.  That is what the kids are still calling it, right???? 

Anyway, just got home with my wife from helping a good friend move into a new place.  Just a couple of hours of donated time on a gloomy Sunday and a few less boxes of stuff that has to make the transition to a new home - a good feeling and a well earned pint of beer if there ever was one :)


I am one week removed from my first ever Folk Alliance Conference which took place February 16th - 20th in Memphis, TN.  Jeffrey, myself and our good friend Bill Hawley arrived by van from Buffalo on Friday, the 18th around midnight, going into Saturday.  One would think that three guys + 15 hours in a van would result in checking into the hotel and immediately crashing, but we met up with my manager...

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