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October 2017 Newsletter


Welcome to the October edition of "O"vertones, which includes a warm welcome to those of you who are newly subscribed to the monthly newsletter, as well as to my favorite season, autumn! September was an incredibly busy month of travel that concluded over its last three days with a weekend of shows that included a wonderful birthday show at Elk Creek Aleworks & Cafe in Millheim, PA (seevideo), an early 6 am rise the following morning to make a 3.5 hour commute to Warwick, NY to record a radio interview/performance, followed by a first time trip to perform in the Poconos on the same day, and then onward to Baltimore the next. 

Over the course of the month, I was afforded the opportunity to perform alongside old friends who I count among my contemporaries in the business, perform with, and meet a pair of wonderfully gifted Baltimore based singer-songwriters in Grayson Moon, and Heather Lloyd, and in these travels, I was incredibly grateful to be on the receiving end of hospitality, conversation, and lodging from other dear friends. 

The lone dark spot came early in the month when I was on tour in New England, and received word from Sheila that she was taking our beloved 15 year old cat Cosmo, to be euthanized. I especially regret not being there to comfort Sheila, but also to not be there to support 'Mo, and say a proper goodbye as he crossed that bridge. I do know that he was (and still is) loved deeply, missed daily, and is resting easy, free of his pain. 

Dialing it in -

The "Jon Stein, Hootenanny Mini Concert" radio segment that I recorded on September 29th at WTBQ-FM in Warwick, NY, aired on Sunday, October 1st. In case you missed that initial broadcast, you can catch its rebroadcast on two additional occasions this week - Wed 2am, and Thurs 9am, on

In addition to live performance/interview segments, and spins of songs from my latest CD, "A Bright Horizon Line", there is a 30 minute segment where Jon allowed me to take over the DJ seat, and spin songs from some of my favorite artists. That alone is worth tuning in for!


As both a fan, and as a songwriter, it was heartbreaking to hear the news of Tom Petty being rushed to a hospital after being found unconscious in his home from cardiac arrest. After a day filled with conflicting reports regarding the status of his condition, which included an inaccurate report from several sources that he had passed away after being removed from life support, Tom Petty finally did pass away at the age of 66 later in the day. He was without doubt, one (among many) of my favorite songwriters, who taught me through osmosis, the forms of great songwriting. His work - with and without the Heartbreakers, as well as with The Traveling Wilburys, provided valuable lessons in both arranging, and instrumentation. I consider his style to be a wonderful blend of all things rock-n-roll, folk, and country – Americana that was married to the jangling sound of a Rickenbacker electric 12 string, giving his music a decidedly 60's, British Invasion-meets-The Byrds pop sensibility, at times veering into psychedelia, with an occasional punk rock sneer thrown in for good measure.    

He also displayed an incredible amount of artistic integrity in his stances against the record industry regarding CD pricing, in holding out to release "Full Moon Fever" after his label refused it, waiting until new executives were on board that believed in the album as much as he did. 

His vast catalog of work, was interpreted and backed by a dynamic band in The Heartbreakers – one of the best to hit the highways, and stages of the world. Barring some unreleased tapes in the vault, it will be strange to not hear any new music from Tom Petty, definitely one of the masters of American songcraft. My lone regret is never taking the opportunity to "buy the damn tickets" when he came to my town.  May he rest in peace, and may his music live on in those he inspired. 

The one thing.....

In light of what happened in Las Vegas over the past weekend, I ask that you not let this event cause you to live in fear of leaving your house. It is important to unplug from the constant barrage of the news of the day, the seemingly endless stream of thoughts, opinions, vitriol, and memes on Facebook, to actually spend time with other people - face to face, in real time, and in real conversation. Call - not text - a friend, and get together for lunch or dinner, with the main stipulation being that phones get shut off, and engagement in actual conversation is going to take place. If you need time alone, go for a walk. Read a book. Go to a movie. Forget about who you are, any of your problems, what someone said to you online, or how much you owe anyone. Close your eyes, and breathe. Deeply. 

Music however, is the one thing that brings us together in a communal fashion, that allows us to forget whether there is an "R","D", or "I" after our name, what we believe in, what we stand for, or what we kneel for. Through stories, and song, we find the threads of humanity that help us discover that we have more in common on this journey, than we do not. 

So, please – find a venue in your town, where hopefully a band you already know and love is performing. Or better yet, take a chance on someone you've never heard of, and support not only the arts in your community, but engage in the act of being alive. You may make a new friend to have lunch or dinner with, phones off, of course!  Whatever medium of art you decide to support – theater, fine art, music – just "buy the damn tickets already!"

October is another busy month of travel, with the first two weekends taking me to road dates, and back to the WNY area to open for two wonderful folk singers in Darryl Purpose, and Lucy Kaplansky. In between, there is a local slot at a John Prine tribute show, happy returns to Ohio, Michigan, Central NYS, Western MA, the Hudson Valley Region, and several of my favorite local venues, all connecting the dots between the beginning of the month and Halloween. I look forward to seeing YOU very soon, and hope that you have more treats, than tricks!!! - Davey O.

A gentle reminder to always call the venue before leaving for the show to make certain there are no cancellations due to weather, accidents, or other unforeseen circumstances.



Davey O. –  Riding Toward the Horizon Line - Tour Dates – October, 2017



The Root Cafe

Davey O. - 7:00 PM

15118 Detroit Avenue
Lakewood, OH 44107 


Crazy Wisdom Tea Room

Davey O. - 8:00 pm

114 South Main Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48103 


Buffalo Friends of Folk Music

Daryl Purpose w/special guest, Davey O. - 8:00 PM

5658 Main Street
Williamsville, NY 14221

Price: $16 General, $13 Member, $7 Student

Opening for Daryl Purpose is a great way to return home from a pair of tour dates in Ohio, and Michigan!


Plain Folk Cafe

Davey O. - 7:30 PM

10177 State Route 132
Pleasant Plain, OH 45162 


Cafe Veritas

Lucy Kaplansky w/special guest, Davey O. - 7:30 PM

220 South Winton Rd
Rochester, NY 14610

Price: $10.00 - $18.00

I am so honored to be opening for the wonderful Lucy Kaplansky!!!



Marty Peters & Friends - John Prine Tribute Night - 4:00 pm

189 Main Street
East Aurora, NY 14052 


Buffalo Irish Center

Davey O. - 7:30 PM

245 Abbott Rd
Buffalo, NY 14220 
(716) 825-9535


Sportsmen's Tavern

BarktOberfest - Benefit for the Pet Emergency Fund – with The Middlemen, Davey O., Ann Philippone, and Black Rock Zydeco

326 Amherst St
Buffalo, NY 14207 
716 874 7734

Price: $10.00


Luthier's Co-op

Davey O. - 8:00 PM

108 Cottage Street
Easthampton, MA 01027 


Hyde Park Library

Davey O. w/special guests Steve & Terri Massardo - 7:30 PM

2 Main Street
Hyde Park, NY 12538 

Price: $10.00


Two Goats Brewing

Davey O. - 4:00 pm

5027 State Route 414
Hector, NY 14841 

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