April 2018 Newsletter


Welcome to the April 2018 edition of “O”vertones, and welcome to the new subscribers to the newsletter. No April Fools jokes here – just everything you need to know about my travels, musings, and all things Davey O.!!!

March in reverse -

The month of March turned out to be so very rewarding, and for several reasons. Each and every date – particularly the ones where I was able to perform my material – satisfied in ways that often defy words. It was a period of time when my travels allowed me to reconnect with old friends and contemporaries, to experience the relief of finally kicking off a new songwriter’s series (may I add, in successful fashion!!!), and to be of service to a wonderful nature conservancy in Central New York by performing for their concert series, which in turn raised much needed funds, and its membership base. All good things to look back on as I transition into another busy 30 days, sure to fly by in a proverbial blink of an eye.

Nickel City Sessions -

Well, on Friday, March 23rd, the big day of kicking off Nickel City Sessions, my new songwriter’s series finally arrived. Of course, being super organized, and wanting everything to go as smoothly as possible - I was the first performer to arrive at Nickel City Frets, the venue at which the series is held. Owner Mark Buell was there to greet me, and we engaged in small talk between trips to my car to bring in my gear. Most of it centered around a shared, nervous anxiety regarding attendance. I think Mark was more nervous than I, because I have reached a point of little to no expectations. Sometimes, I have found that it’s just best to let things be what they are, and live with the results. That is by no means an endorsement for laziness! That said, I did tell Mark that while I didn’t expect us to have only 5 people in attendance, I also didn’t expect a sold out house either. We landed somewhere in between, with about 25 people in attendance which included a few family members/spouses in addition to paid attendees.

Overall, it was a success in my book for several reasons. 1.) It allowed an opportunity for 4 local songwriters to finally get to not only do a show together, but to also have the opportunity to hear each other perform, and spend some time catching up with each other as friends. If there is one drawback to being a musician, it’s in the fact that we’re all usually working on the same nights, be it locally or on tour, and rare are the occasions that we have the opportunity to get out and support each other. Performing together allowed that. 2.) By virtue of the attendance for its first installment, it’s clear that there is an appreciative audience for this type of show - and this genre of music, in Western New York. In conversation with the other local artists on the bill, it also became evident to me that this type of venue, along with having the opportunity to perform in this type of setting – an intimate, listening room environment – is sorely lacking for many non-touring songwriters in the area.  It is an unfortunate reality that many of us are relegated to performing three sets of covers in a bar or restaurant, or when we do get to perform our original material, it’s in a small coffeehouse, for tips, where a good portion of those in attendance are either students studying in front of their laptop with earbuds in, or people wrapping up an evening out with a post dinner coffee, dessert, and conversation. 3.) At some point during the first Nickel City Sessions, I realized that in addition to providing a listening room opportunity for local and touring artists, there is a greater function of this series, and that is to serve the audience by exposing them to artists they may be unfamiliar with. There is a joy in discovering new music that is not of the mainstream variety, and that is not to be taken lightly, IMHO. And lastly, 4.) This type of series ultimately helps to grow community. Not only between the participating musicians, but in the very act of gathering for these events, it allows audience and performers alike - to meet, and make new friends who share a common interest. To draw people to a venue, makes them aware of not only the venue, but the additional events presented there, and in kind, lends support to a small business/entrepreneur.

Happy Anniversary!

April 1st marked the one year anniversary of the release of my most recent CD, “A Bright Horizon Line”. It’s kind of hard to believe how quickly those 365 days have passed, but not a one of them has gone by without some thought of gratitude for those who backed the project via my Kickstarter campaign.  It should come as no surprise that I am often asked “what is the favorite album you’ve made?” This question is typically asked at the merch table at one of my shows, when a potential buyer is only able to purchase one of the three titles available, and is looking for my recommendation. I guess like children, they all have a special place, and should be loved equally, because each one acts as a chapter, marking a period of time in my life. And I suppose if listened to in chronological order, as an artist you hope each one reveals to the listener, an indication of even the smallest amount of growth as a songwriter, as a musician, and in the way you look at life and the world we live in. Ask any artist to answer in complete honesty, and in full disclosure – they will most likely pick the most recent work as the favorite in their catalog, because it’s the new toy that hasn’t lost its lustre yet. In the end, regardless of the medium, all one can do is create the best work they can, at that particular point in their life, with whatever material they have available to work with at the time. It is with that in mind, that I know another recording will be in the works in 2019. As for now, I will continue to tour in support of “ABHL”, writing new material, always on the quest to find that better song. In honor of the one year anniversary of “ABHL”, please feel free to listen to the album in its entirety at this link - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_OIw_eQu0ikjwMtM2q86ndAn4vaAtHTE

The survey says! (a call to action)…..

It’s been a while since I’ve done an online streaming show via Concert Window, but while watching my friend Lousie Mosrie do one recently, well….it got my wheels turning. So…. a few questions – would you be interested in tuning in from the comfort of your living room while I perform in the comfort of mine? If so, what’s a good day, as well as time of day? What would you like my set list to be comprised of? Covers? Newly written, unreleased material? An all request show? What kind of advance time frame do you need? A month’s notice, a couple of weeks? Would it be something that would interest you if I were to do these on a semi-regular basis?

Here’s a few of my thoughts, but I’d really appreciate your feedback!!!

Since I’m off on Sunday, April 22nd, perhaps a mid-afternoon (3 or 4 pm), one hour concert featuring 5 or 6 newly written songs, plus a few of my favorite cover songs. Pay what you want, with “reward” level tip donations of $15 receiving a choice of any one of the three CD’s  currently in my catalog (if you already own them, they make a lovely gift!), or any tip of $20 or more receiving a choice of a “Davey O.” long sleeved T, or baseball cap. Let me know your thoughts – If you’d like to spend a Sunday afternoon together, this would be a great opportunity for those of you who may have - for one reason or another – been unable to attend one of my shows.

The twisted turns and straightaways…..

In April, I will be hitting the road in earnest, right from the first weekend, sprinkling a handful of home dates in between, and finishing the month smack dab in my own area code. Some new adventures await me, as I will be performing for the first time in the states of Alabama and North Carolina. The ratio of the type of venues I’m performing at this month is also quite pleasing based on the fact that out of the 12 dates on my calendar, 10 of them are at venues where I will be performing my music at listening rooms, coffeehouses, concert clubs, and a healthy dose of house concerts. All told, I’ll be seeing old friends, and making new ones, both near and far, and as it should be - brought together by the gift of music, with hopes that this becomes my new normal….  

Looking forward to warmer days ahead! As always, you can visit my website, www.daveyo.com/tour to view my full calendar, allowing you to plan your schedule accordingly

Wishing you all the best in everything, and always,
Davey O.