“(On “Some Days”) you find something closer to Jackson Browne or James Taylor than say, Neil Young or John Prine. He isn’t writing with any expectations of impressing a listener but allowing his songs to hold their attention. And he does…… 

 …..His lyrics fortunately aren’t elementary. Davey has a good grasp of what he needs to say, says it intelligently, avoids at best any cliches & gets the drama across lightly, especially on tunes like “Travelogue.” 

Davey has lots of lovely melodies & tells a compelling story. He layers instruments carefully & all his songs have an atmospheric quality. His tune “Texaco Sign” is an excellent track. A touch of Neil Young-harmonica & it becomes a road lullaby. This is where Davey O should be – he does this well. He could make a truck driver cry with this kind of composition…… 

I’m familiar with Davey O’s work from years ago & he’s consistently poignant in how he approaches his repertoire. Let’s not have to wait 6 years for another.” – John Apice, Americana Highways

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One of these artists who takes a modicum of musical coal and squeezes it hard enough to produce some diamonds is the acclaimed singer-songwriter Davey O who has supported many top tier artists throughout his career. His new ten-song collection “…a bright horizon line,” is a continuation of this concise singer-songwriter’s testament of absorbing story songs. ”

, John Apice - No Depression