Mileage, baggage, wear & tear

Sitting in a hotel room a few hours before a gig, I sometimes wonder how crazy or foolish I am to do what I do - to go out to different parts of the country and play my music for other people.  You, know, like "stop everything, because I've decided to invade your nice little town for one night".  It does take bravado and conviction to do this - maybe even a bit of arrogance.....   Without the backing of a record label, management, or a booking agent, I invest a lot of time, energy and money, not at all into the pursuit a dream, but into a lifestyle; a lifestyle which often loses money as soon as I turn the car key to head off on these adventures.  But, I guess the reality of it is that I have been given a gift, be it from God, the universe, wherever - etc.... to write songs, and a drive to go out on the road to share and perform them.  Maybe the drive comes in part from trying to prove wrong, all the people who are and have been doubters and naysayers - the ones who always have some snarky way of giving you show biz advice, or ask you why you travel 1000 miles in a weekend to play for small, intimate audiences instead of trying to find a way to "make it", by going on one of the countless talent shows that permeate the airwaves, or move to L.A. - because in their mind anything else than being famous, and performing in front of thousands or the pursuit of fame is just dicking around , right??????  WRONG!!!!  The real pleasure derived from driving all of the boring, tiresome miles comes not only from the performances, but from the countless people I have met, the friends I have made, the experiences I have had, and the places I have seen - all because a big part of my life is engaged in the process of writing songs, recording them and instead of staying at home and watching the aforementioned talent shows, I have enough confidence in my songs and my abilities as a musician to actually get up off my ass and make the journey.  And at the end of the day - that is what matters the most.....  

When the winner of the next American Idol, X-Factor, or America's Got Talent loses their deal, the cameras are no longer pointed their way and they cannot deal with having to play at clubs or the occasional State Fair, because they're about to turn 30 and that was their last shot at "making it" - I'll be putting another 1000 miles or more on my Subaru some weekend, with my songs, a box full of CD's and a Gibson guitar.  See you there  :)

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