***DAVEY O. - March 2011 Newsletter***

***DAVEY O. - March 2011 Newsletter***


New website -

Over the last couple of weeks, myself along with Jeffrey Mikulski, have built a new "official" Davey O. website.  The URL is much shorter, the pages much brighter and easier to navigate.  Please bookmark this new website in your browser - www.daveyo.com  I am still deciding whether or not to continue using My Space, since it has become a nightmare to edit and the layouts are now all askew.


Back from Folk Alliance Conference -

On February 18th we traveled down to Memphis, TN to attend our first ever Folk Alliance Conference.  I could go on and on about it, but my thoughts about the whole experience are here -  http://www.daveyo.com/tales_of_six_string_heartbreak__love_songs/2011_folk_alliance_conference

House Concerts -

A really great thing that has been happening for artists like myself over the past several years has been the growth of house concerts.  These are events that you as a fan would present in you home - be it your backyard in warm weather months, or in the comfort of your living room during the winter or inclement weather.  The beauty in these concerts is that it is beneficial to both the artist and listener in the fact of it's intimacy - you as a listener are several feet away from the performer, and able to sit quietly, absorbing the song in all of its subtlety both lyrically and musically - factors that are often lost in the atmosphere of a bar or nightclub.  I have performed in this type of setting on a few occasions, and it really is not only a great way for an artist to perform, but it's an excellent way to bring together friends, with a pot luck prior to the show, BYOB, and since most Folk and acoustic music artists are very accessible, it provides an opportunity for artist and listener to meet.  I am available for house concert bookings, so if interested, please feel free to contact either myself at davey3o@verizon.net or my manager, Giselle Fleming at gforcem@msn.com  We can discuss ways to make this a great in-home event for you, your friends, and the artist.  For more info on how to put together a successful house concert, I strongly recommend visiting this website -  www.concertsinyourhome.com

Live date calendar -

As of this writing, the calendar is a bit thin, but we are constantly working on booking new dates all the time. Jeffrey and I had also been busy prepping for the trip to Memphis for Folk Alliance and in pre-production meetings for the new CD.  Here's what is on the schedule currently-

Saturday, April 30th, 6:30 PM, House Concert, Cleveland, OH

Saturday, April 30th, 10:00 PM, The Barking Spider Tavern, 11310 Juniper Rd., Cleveland, OH, www.barkingspidertavern.com

July 29th -31st (date of performance TBA), Club Paradise, 3950 McKinley Pkwy, Blasdell, NY, Exposure 2.0 Concert.  For more info visit -  www.opmusichouse.org/EXPOSURE-Concert2011.html

Saturday, September 10th, John Street Jam, Dutch Arms Chapel, 16John Street, Saugerties, NY, for more info, visit www.johnstjam.net

If you know of a venue in your hometown that you think I would be suited for, please email the name of the venue along with any website links and booking contact to either myself or Giselle.  We appreciate the assistance and want to come and perform for you!!!


Thank you for all of your support!!!  We hope to see you in April when we resume our live performance schedule - wishes for peace, love and happiness to all of you.....

Davey O.