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World Wide Davey



ITR w/Crowes Pasture (duo), Riley Moore, Christine Sweeney

Nickel City Sessions, 83 Main Street, Akron, NY



ITR w/Rupert Wates, Rob McHale, Mike Criscione

Nickel City Sessions, 83 Main Street, Akron, NY



ITR w/Alan Whitney, Chris Bethmann, & Ken Dunn

Nickel City Sessions, 83 Main Street, Akron, NY



Davey O.

Twelve Moons Coffeehouse Series, 103 Main Street, Falls Village, CT


One of these artists who takes a modicum of musical coal and squeezes it hard enough to produce some diamonds is the acclaimed singer-songwriter Davey O who has supported many top tier artists throughout his career. His new ten-song collection “…a bright horizon line,” is a continuation of this concise singer-songwriter’s testament of absorbing story songs. ”

, John Apice - No Depression

(with "A Bright Horizon Line"), this modern day troubadour has released another stellar album of Americana Roots music from the heart and the head....The album seems to form a cinematic passage that is rewarding for both the artist and the listener .”

— , Bob Silvestri, Best of

Davey O. has a style all his own… and, at the same time, not unlike a lot of other top folk artists. Most importantly, his voice is insistent, tuneful, and carries a lot of emotion, exactly what’s necessary to tell a good story.”

, Geoff Wilbur, Geoff Wilbur's Music Blog