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Angels Everywhere

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Angels Everywhere
Lyrics by Andrea C. Renfree (Renfree Music, BMI)
Music by Davey O. (Davey O. Music, ASCAP)

They open doors for strangers
Always lend a helping hand
But it isn't for the glory
They just follow love's command
From the corner of your eye
You can see them standing there
Hidden in the shadows
There are angels everywhere

In every home, in every classroom
Every church and every hall
Silent watchers have been sent
To stand beside us through it all
It's not their job to save us
That's a burden they can't bear
But in the midst of every sorrow
There are angels everywhere

And in the eyes of every child
In a mother's bitter tears
In the heart of every soldier
In the sum of all our fears

There's a goodness that surrounds us
Even in the darkest times
When the poets lose their words
And there's no meaning to the rhymes
But there is hope and there is grace
For every prisoner of despair
As long as we remember
There are angels everywhere
Always remember, there are angels everywhere